Ask The Men’s Wearhouse Prom Council

Think of your most fashionable friends—the ones who always know the perfect style to wear for any occasion. Then think of the friend who’s always on time, and the friend who has perfect manners. Now combine those with your friend who is always a blast and busts out the smoothest dance moves. This “ultimate friend” is essentially the Men’s Wearhouse Prom Council.

boys in tuxedos

The Prom Council features the premier experts on the gotta-dos, must-haves, and dangerous-don’ts of prom. Whatever you need to know about prom, ask us because we have an answer!

Wondering which tuxedo fits your body type best or how to pick out the perfect fancy flowers? What about the coolest dance moves to the latest hit songs? Ask away! Leave your question in the comments below or tweet them to us at @MensWearhouse tagged #PromNation.

The Prom Council will feature your questions in an upcoming blog post so everyone can be as wise and wonderful at prom as you.

bottom of tennis shoe