Get Up and Wobble!

Prom’s coming up and what better night to impress all your friends? Plus, the ladies love a man who can dance. It’ll be easy to make a lasting impression with these how-to videos on YouTube.

The Prom Council is here to make sure you know how to rock out to the best beats. Get your crew together and learn these dances together to put on an even bigger show on prom night. Already know the moves? Use these vids to polish your technique and get ready to impress.

Do you Wobble? Take it step-by-step before you make it flow together.

This how-to video has over 11 million views! This song is almost sure to be played at prom, so know the signature moves from Psy’s K-Pop hit single.

Teach me, teach me…

The King of Pop is still hot. RIP MJ. (Here’s the official Thriller video so you can practice after you learn!)

You could always go old school and organize a group to replicate the epic prom dance in the old-school film She’s All That. (Check out Usher circa 1999!)

Tell us, what other awesome dances should The Prom Council add to this list?