Choosing a Prom Tuxedo for Your Body Type

Finding a Tux That Fits You to a “T”

For prom, the tuxedo is one style that suits all — but it’s definitely not one size fits all. We can’t overemphasize the importance of finding a tux that fits your body type. So don’t borrow your older brother’s or dust off dad’s from his wedding day. Finding the right cut for your body type—slim, tall, stocky, athletic, etc.— will make a real difference you can see. Here are some general guidelines to help find the tux fit for you.

If you’re average height and build

You’re lucky, you have options. Almost any tuxedo will look good on you—including the slim-fit look that’s trending right now.

If you’re tall and lanky
Your goal is to counter the vertical lines created by your natural silhouette. Consider double-breasted with slightly more padded shoulders, notched lapels and fitted waist—it will make you look more muscular and avoid the beanpole silhouette. If you go with single-breasted, you can go with either a two- or three-button style.

If you’re short and stocky
Go with a shawl collar and single-breasted styles, preferably with a single button set low to create the illusion of a longer, leaner torso. Look for dark fabrics with a smooth texture; they tend to be the most slimming.

If you’re short and thin
Make sure your jacket is not too long. Anything over-sized or elongated will make you look shorter. Consider a three-button suit with a higher stance, and look for side, not center, vents. If you’d like to appear a little broader, pick out a tux with notched or peak lapels.

If you’re tall and athletically built
Choose a tuxedo with a smooth, thin collar minus notched or peaked lapels. A broad chest and big shoulders will look great in a well-tailored, single-breasted suit, ideally with a two-button jacket. Look for jackets that are less shaped at the waist. Anything that is too narrow at the waist can make you look top heavy.

Of course, you won’t know you’ve found the perfect tux until you try a few on. The expert wardrobe consultants at your local Men’s Wearhouse® store will be more than happy to help you find the style of tuxedo that’s just right for your body type. We’ve got a full range of options and the expertise to ensure you look your best on prom night .