Money-Saving Prom Tips

Have a Blast on a Budget

Prom can empty your wallet fast if you’re not smart about spending.  From limos, to corsages, to getting seriously styled for biggest night of the year, the dollar signs can really start to add up. Use these money-saving prom tips to make sure you can still ‘set the world on fire’ while saving some dough.

  1. Rent your tux instead of shelling out the cash to buy one. Score deals on designer tux rentals, and even match the color of your tie or vest to your date’s dress. Looking like a million bucks doesn’t mean you’ve gotta spend it.
  2. Borrow accessories. Chances are, you already know a style ninja or a frugal fashionista.  Not only can they provide money-saving prom tips on fashion, but you can also ask these folks if they could part with some of their awesome accessories for one night. (It’s also a good time to make a friendly trade or do them a favor.) For the gents, rummage through top hats, canes, bowties, shoelaces, etc. You’d be surprised at how one statement piece can make an entire outfit say it with swag.  Ladies can borrow jewelry and other sparkly extras from trendy friends.
  3. Use dad’s car. Unless you score a free limo, you’ll save a ton of money if you get the OK to drive your mom or dad’s car. You might even ask your older bro if he can spare his souped-up ride for your big night.
  4. Hit up your school’s after-prom party. Hey, it’s free, many of your friends will already be there, and it’s a safe bet for a built-in rager instead of getting lost on your way to a venue you’ve never been to.
  5. Get  in on discounted gift cards. Students can score anywhere up to a 30% discount on big retailer gift cards. Check out discount chain stores or do a mall walk-through and ask around to see which shops give student discounts.
  6. Ask around. Your BFFs might already have some money-saving  prom tips that you could use. Or, poke around for a budgeting primer from upper classmen who went to last year’s big night.

Partying hard on your big night doesn’t have to set you back on funds. Plan ahead and use the money-saving prom tips above to max out on good times and show-stopping style— without breaking the bank.