How to Pick a Prom Corsage

Pinning the Right Flowers on Your Date

The corsage is an integral part of the prom ritual—along with a guy’s boutonniere—so getting it right is a great way to start off on the right foot when you show up to pick up your date.

What is a corsage? A corsage is a small arrangement of two or three flowers tied with a ribbon to match your date’s dress. Ask your date in advance what color dress she’s wearing so you can match the flowers to the dress. If you don’t know what color might go with her dress you can’t go wrong with white roses, baby’s breath, freesia, stephanotis, or carnations.

What kind should I get? There are three different types of corsages: pin-on corsages, wrist corsages, and small, handheld nosegays. These days, most girls prefer a wrist, as the pin type doesn’t have a lot of real estate to work with on today’s strapless dresses. Best bet is to ask her which one she’d like and go from there.

When do I buy it? You’ll want to go corsage shopping at least two weeks before the prom. If you wait, you may be disappointed at the selection.

Which flowers make the best corsages? The obvious answer is the flowers that match her. But there are some perennial prom favorites–roses and carnations–as well as modern choices like calla lilies or orchids. Next choose a ribbon to go with the flowers and complement her dress.

How much will I spend? It all depends on your budget and choice of flowers. Don’t assume that more expensive means better. You should definitely be able to find one within your budget that you like (and she’ll love.)